Family Law

Each family is unique, and it is important to keep this in mind when friends, co-workers or even the ex-spouse offer advice based on their own experience or research. Appropriate information for one family can be misleading or false for another, and this can create a great deal of anxiety.

At Kathleen M. Schmidt Attorney at Law here in Omaha, we sit down and discuss your needs and goals and then create a strategy to maximize the chance of a positive outcome. We are always forthright and honest about recommendations, and always encourage our clients to ask any questions as different issues arise. We pride ourselves on creativity and a willingness to discover all possibilities to arrive at a best possible solution. If at any point it is necessary to alter the plan, we can do that to better address the needs of you and your family. We always provide the best possible guidance about your legal options, but the final decisions always rests with the clients.

Handling All Your Family Law Issues

Let us put our experience to work on cases involving:

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From custody battles to high-asset divorce, there is no issue too complex or heated for us to address. We will bring our comprehensive knowledge of Nebraska family law to help you and your family move toward an effective resolution that works in the long term.

To discuss any aspect of your family law issue with a lawyer during a free initial phone consultation, call our office in Omaha at 402-330-7733 or email us through our contact page.