Omaha Child Support & Spousal Support Lawyers

When undertaking the often heated issues of child and spousal support, it's absolutely critical to work with an experienced attorney to ensure that the interests of you and your children are taken into consideration. Alimony and spousal support does not have a simple formula in Nebraska and while child support guidelines are operative in the state, the wide range of values that come up depending on taxes, dependency exemptions and what someone takes out for retirement can be huge.

After incomes are established there are certain allowable deductions that can affect support calculations. It's imperative to understand how to correctly apply deduction and income that determine child support to arrive at ideal outcomes.

To make things more difficult, in the wake of a divorce, some judges expect both spouses to get out and work whereas others are more lenient. This can create serious challenges when looking at support, which are magnified if you're not prepared.

Bellevue Alimony Attorney

I have over a quarter century of experience dealing with these issues, and I am committed to helping you and your loved ones arrive at the most equitable outcome. I can also work on issues of enforcement if a spouse doesn't fulfill support obligations, in addition to contempt actions.

As a lawyer, I also assist clients with modifications when there's been a material change in circumstance that was not contemplated when a prior order was entered.

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