Omaha Divorce & Family Lawyer

Given that filing for divorce is uncharted territory for most families, this area of law can be immensely confusing, emotional and even overwhelming. Any number of questions can arise during the initial phases of a divorce, including:

  • Do I have to leave the house?
  • How will we distribute the assets?
  • If I want the house, how can I make my ex leave?

Omaha Metro Area Divorce Attorney

Regardless of your scenario, I am ready to take our decades of experience in family law to work one-on-one with you to understand every issue involved in your case and develop a plan to help you transition to the next phase in your life. I have extensive experience in noncontested divorce and mediation, and am committed to achieve the most efficient resolutions to your issues. If, however, those issues can't be resolved out of court, I am willing to take my extensive trial experience to advocate aggressively for you and your loved ones' interests.

Bellevue Divorce Law Attorney

It's key to note that Nebraska is an equitable distribution state, meaning that property is divided fairly. When working with clients I always strive to present an open and honest assessment of law and help prepare for any unknown variables. I know that it's only this approach that will allow you to completely understand what's taking place, so you can make the most informed decisions on behalf of your family.

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