Stepparent Adoption

Family adoption depends on many different factors here in Nebraska. These include the age of the child or children and whether the biological parents are agreeable to offering their child up for adoption. The process often includes court hearings and home visits to observe the child and parents, as well as long waiting periods.

Despite the fact that adopting a stepchild is often a more streamlined process, a skilled attorney with a background family law and adoption can be a tremendous asset to making this process go more smoothly, particularly if the parents anticipate facing frustrating legal issues during the process.

Issues Unique To Stepparent Adoption

There are a number of specific details that are important to note here:

  • The home study that most families go through is not required for stepparent adoption.
  • Criminal background check is still required.
  • A search of the Nebraska Central Registry of Child Abuse must be done.

What If The Other Parent Does Not Give Consent?

The most common challenge in stepparent adoption is if a biological parent refuses to give his or her consent to this process. However, there are ways to terminate the parental rights of the birth parent, which eliminates the need for their consent. The reasons for termination of rights includes abandonment, unfit to be a parent, or the parent is not the biological father — it is assumed that the couple married at the time of the child's birth are the biological parents.

Once finalized, the stepparent has all the legal rights as the biological parent. Even if the parents divorce or biological parent/spouse dies, the stepparent is still legally obligated to care for the child.

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